UK economy improving after Brexit?

Before the Brexit poll in June this year, there were many uncertainties about the economy of Britain. Many analysts saw UK economy in reverse after Brexit vote while others warned of the possibility of an economic recess within months after the referendum. Just after the poll, the economy suffered the effects of the uncertainty created… Continue reading UK economy improving after Brexit?

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Farming news reports Division among UK Farmers

Britain’s possible exit from the European Union is causing consternation all around, and now farming news reports Farmers split over EU referendum and wondering about what the best course of action would be. There is good reason for doubt because farmers currently receive £2.5-3bn a year in EU subsidies. This even in spite of farmers… Continue reading Farming news reports Division among UK Farmers


Business news: Healthcare Companies Make Progress

This week’s business news is all about smaller healthcare companies that you have never heard of. Two companies in particular have been huge successes on the stock market because they got good reviews from important government agencies. The first company is called ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Their stock skyrocketed up when the US government approved use… Continue reading Business news: Healthcare Companies Make Progress

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More people buying Cars,Houses

The recent surge in the house prices rise in UK is an indicator. But what does it indicate? Well let us look closely. There is shortage of new houses in UK, and this has led to the price rise in the housing sector. The prices are up 1.7 % while all experts had indicated a… Continue reading More people buying Cars,Houses

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Economic Security on the Cards for 2016?

  As we start preparing to move into 2016, I suppose we should be looking at what the economic situation looks like for the new year. While official figures confirm GDP growth slipped in the 3rd quarter, experts in the science of economics seem to think that  GDP growth should move at a steady pace… Continue reading Economic Security on the Cards for 2016?

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Slowdown of Economic Recovery Looms

Most of us in the U.K have benefited by privately investing in the markets, or real estate, and the larger aspects of this economic come back helps our entire nation.  Job growth, industries expand, and people spend more money on considerable good all helping things flow smoothly. New data out, shows this growth is finally… Continue reading Slowdown of Economic Recovery Looms

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Welfare Bill and its correlation with Economy

UK spends more than £ 300 billion on welfare funding. Is it worth it? Well there are two sides of the coin always. Some cases where people are frequently taking welfare money makes us think that it is not worth. But on the other hand there are needy people who actually require help and go… Continue reading Welfare Bill and its correlation with Economy