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Farming news reports Division among UK Farmers

Farming news EU

Britain’s possible exit from the European Union is causing consternation all around, and now farming news reports Farmers split over EU referendum and wondering about what the best course of action would be. There is good reason for doubt because farmers currently receive £2.5-3bn a year in EU subsidies. This even in spite of farmers arguing that the benefit from the EU doesn’t even reach them. Britain’s farming minister is urging farmers to vote to leave the EU. The farming minister believes that farmers will be better off out of the EU and away from European supremacy. Farming news surrounding the EU referendum suggests the secretary of state for environment, farming, and rural affairs is pleading with farmers to vote for staying within the EU. She said that an exit would be likened to a leap into the dark, especially at a time when farmers were hard-pressed. She added that at a time of global market uncertainty, it would be foolish to leap into the unknown.


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