Business news: Healthcare Companies Make Progress

Business news full of pharma success

This week’s business news is all about smaller healthcare companies that you have never heard of. Two companies in particular have been huge successes on the stock market because they got good reviews from important government agencies. The first company is called ACADIA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Their stock skyrocketed up when the US government approved use of its drug for fighting Parkinson’s Disease. Investors were very excited! The second company is a larger company that makes stints and valves for heart surgeries. Edwards Lifesciences, Inc. had its stock jump up a LOT when they announced the successful results of a test they had conducted on their core product. The test showed that there are very few downsides to the product, and so doctors will probably use it very often in heart surgeries. Aside from these two success stories, this week’s business news also has a downside. SunEdison, Inc., a solar company, is now being investigated by the US government because they refuse to say whether they have any money left. Their stock has gone to almost zero, but it goes up and down, almost doubling or halving depending on the day.


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