Economic Problems

Slowdown of Economic Recovery Looms

Most of us in the U.K have benefited by privately investing in the markets, or real estate, and the larger aspects of this economic come back helps our entire nation.  Job growth, industries expand, and people spend more money on considerable good all helping things flow smoothly. New data out, shows this growth is finally slowing and in fact to a point we have not seen since April 2013.  

For investors, this means interest rates from the Bank of England will stay at .5% which we’ve now seen stay at this rate for 6 years.  The low interest rate is for a very specific purpose, to aid any countries economic growth and the banks’s signal to maintain this rate shows their concerns.

uk economy  growth


This has to come as a big blow and the media is picking up on that very thing, to Chancellor George Osborne based on his words at the Tory conference.

Our hopes are the slowdown is temporary, and we can see our nation and private holdings continue to increase.




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