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What is council housing?

Thanks to the horrific council-themed Christmas card, a lot of people are paying attention to council housing. Many people who do not live in the country might not know about council estate or social housing, so here goes.

Technically, council housing is a part of a state run social housing program that enables people to get cheap housing, especially if they cannot afford to buy houses in current market prices. These houses are a part of a large estate, and form a socio-economic cluster. You have to be over 18 years old to apply for council housing, and even then, it is not assured that you fill find a house. You will join the waitlist, and depending on how high above your application is, it might take you a while before you actually do get housing.

Council Estate Housing

There was a point of time when council housing was actually much cheaper, and people who could not afford to pay market prices could actually looking for living spaces here. However, recent studies show that even these houses are becoming increasingly expensive- with prices of council houses being 80% of the prices of other houses on the market.

There has been a severe inflation of prices in the real estate economy, so it is expected that council estates would be affected too. How this will affect the concept of social housing in the future is yet to be seen.

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