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What economic problems do the youth face?

It’s very easy for the elderly to judge the youth for the way they live their lives, but it does take some effort to stop and think about the unique economic problems plaguing the youth of today. The structure of the economy has changed significantly in the past couple of decades, and unfortunately, some people have come off worse.

The first problem the youth face is the fact that their education costs way more than it used to. It is estimated that an average student will pass out of university with a whopping £44000 debt.  Most students won’t even be able to pay their loan back in full. Unemployment is another persistent issue, with links to the problem mentioned before. While unemployment levels are lower than they were before, the jobs that are being created are still temporary, or low-paid. Job opportunities for skilled and trained professionals are slim.

Economic Problems Faced by the Youth

Combine these two issues with the fact that cost of housing has gone up manifold, and disposable income has gone down (thanks to the increasing prices of travel, housing, standard of living, etc), and a clearer picture of the inequal economic growth and it’s impact on the younger generation begins to emerge.

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